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More Orlando [07 Sep 2004|05:12pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Orlando Mentioned in Interview

An interview with singer Natasha Bedingfield where she mentioned Orlando.

"I'm not looking for perfection," she insists with a grin. "But I wouldn't say no to George Clooney or Orlando Bloom. "George is a real ladies' man and very mature, and I'd absolutely love to meet Orlando Bloom. He definitely does it for me."

Orlando in latest People & US magazines
 In the newest issues of People & US magazines, both dated September 13, 2004 on sale now, in the StarTracks section in People magazine, there is a big picture of Orlando smiling on his mini bike from the set of "Elizabethtown" in Pomona, California taken on August 25th & in US magazine, in the News Of The World page, there is a smaller picture, but it's a similar picture to the one in People magazine of Orlando on his mini bike.


2005 ROTK Planner at Borders
 the 2005 Return of the King planner is now available at Borders (
Singapore) & selling for $20.95.


Orlando in E's "Awful Truth"

Dear Ted:
I had to laugh when reading the retraction statement regarding Orlando Bloom: "Southern sources are electronically screaming at my chicken-fried ass that Mr. Bloom was 'very, very sweet' with the locals and not at all germ phobic."

Have you Googled Orlando lately? (Who doesn't want to Google Orlando?) There are hundreds of Internet sites and forums devoted to the man. Scores of women--yes, women, not just teenyboppers--all over the globe will come rushing to his defense should you besmirch his lovely name.
  Elizabeth Turner
Portland, Oregon

Dear Googling Gal:
Wait till you hear what I've got to say about Orlando's bathroom habits. Hell hath no fury like a fan base shaved.


Toronto Film Festival information website


**paparazzi pics**

the OK project




Video Download: E-town 'Meet the Crew' clip
 CameronCrowe.com has added a new behind the scenes clip of Orlando and Kirsten from
Elizabethtown, file is available for download at Elf Lady's site. Elf Lady  made some caps which you can see them here.


ROTK won 2 Hugo Awards
ROTK won the 'Best Dramatic Presentation in Long Form' and Gollum's Acceptance Speech at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards won the 'Best Dramatic Presentation in Short Form'.


Who will be Bond
Empire Online assess the super spies of the future. Click on the images of the candidates to see their respective pros and cons and odds.


  Orlando Bloom

  Pros: The girls love him, he's terribly posh and awfully good at action. If the     rumors about a Young James Bond are true, they're bound to want Bloom who is,let's face it, scorching at the moment. And the girls really love him.
  Cons: He's not at his best in hands-on combat unless he's wearing a long blondewig and pointy ears, and he's too young to do anything but an origins  story. Also, can anyone imagine
Orly with a gun? A bow, sure – a sword even, but a gun?
  Odds: 8/1


Orlando in MovieStar

click the link below to check out the scan

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Jus joined! [04 Sep 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hello! i jus joined this community...i think u were askin for members in one of the communites i am already apart of so hey im herre! lolz but you can never b apart of too many orlando communites!

1 .::Orlando| Bloom::.

Orlando Bloom Again :-p [01 Sep 2004|04:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]

**paparazzi pics**

(I do hate posting these so i'm only giving you the link)

Orlando getting off a plane with his dog Sidi **click**

Orlando and Kate out w/ Sidi, and at dinner (2 small pics) **click**

Summers Top Hits

From hollywood reporter: "Troy," which ranks seventh with $133.3 million, performed well for an R rated historical romantic action drama targeted to adults. With a more serious storyline than many summer releases and with a running time pushing three hours, it was lucky to have some star power in Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom as well as a high profile A list director in Wolfgang Petersen. Its success reflects having stars who between them could attract younger and older adults and to having the epic look that Petersen created for the film.

TTT Won 7 Awards

From Hollywood reported New Line Home Entertainment was the big winner in the 7th Annual DVD Awards, receiving seven separate honors for its Special Extended DVD Edition of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." "Two Towers" won the categories of best of show, blockbuster theatrical, authoring design, menu design, audio presentation, PC support and the Netflix Viewers Choice Award. The Walt Disney Co.'s Buena Vista Home Entertainment won four awards: "Lion King 1-1/2" for direct-to-disc achievement; "Lion King Platinum Edition" for authoring design; "Pirates of the Caribbean" for video presentation; and "Alice in Wonderland: The Masterpiece Edition" for restoration.

More Sabestian Photo-Shoots


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Teen People Scanshoots

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Troy DVD [30 Aug 2004|09:17pm]

[ mood | good ]

Troy DVD Cover Revised

The origional cover for the widescreen DVD was going to look the same as the full screen but it was changed

From dvdanswers.com

Title: Troy
Starring: Brad Pitt
Released: 4th January 2005
SRP: $29.95
Further Details

Warner Home Video has announced the release of Wolfgang Petersen’s action epic Troy, which stars Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom. Both widescreen and pan and scan versions of the two-disc set will be on offer, and will feature either anamorphic widescreen (in 2.40:1) or 4:3 pan and scan transfers, along with English and French Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks. Extras will include three featurettes: ‘In the Thick of the Battle’, ‘From Ruins to Reality’ and ‘Troy: An Effects Odyssey’, a photo gallery, the theatrical trailer and Easter eggs. Both versions will arrive on the 4th of January 2005, at which time they should retail for around $29.95. We've attached the official package artwork for each of these new editions below:

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POTC the third disc [29 Aug 2004|08:55am]

[ mood | anxious ]

POTC Special Edition

More information was found on the upcoming Special Edition Pirates Of The Caribbean 3rd disc

from Ultimatedisney.com

A few details have come in about November 2nd's re-release of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The 3-disc Gift Set will include the existing 2-disc Collector's Edition plus "The Lost Disc", a third disc featuring 8 never-before-seen bonus features running a total of 69 minutes. Carrying the same $29.99 Suggested Retail Price that the 2-disc set did, the new DVD sounds enticing to those few people who haven't already bought the film on DVD. The 3-disc Pirates gift set is up for pre-order at Amazon at just $20.99.

For a look at the art work, click on the link below



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I cant wait to get it!



**Orlando and his Mini-Bike** [28 Aug 2004|01:34pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Orlando Vroom

According to The Sun Newspaper Online, Orlando Bloom should be known as Orlando Vroom

HOLLYWOOD heart-throb Orlando Bloom beams like a lad as he races about on a mini motorbike.

To read more, click here

For more pictures, click on the link below

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new in the last few day [27 Aug 2004|02:56pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Teen People Sexiest People List
Orlando Bloom is number one on the 50 sexiest guys ever list!

He will be on the cover of the next, September 3rd issue, so be sure to buy it! Go Orlando!


Orlando to Attend Toronto Film Festival
According to cba.ca Orlando has should be attending the Toronto International Film Festival, in Toronto, Canada from September 9th-18th, they may be showing his new movie Haven at the Festival also.


Orlando Merchandise

At the store, hot topic, they have new Orlando Bloom merchandise. They have new Legolas mechandise, and Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise, you can also order it online if you dont have a hot topic near you!


Troy DVD Release

The Troy DVD release date has moved back now, and should be coming out January 4th


Style Magazine

Orlando Bloom was mentioned in the september issue of Style magazine in their seventh annual "who's sexy" list. Orlando Bloom came in second for the sexiest leading male, and also came in second for the sexiest male import.

In case you were wondering, Brad was 3rd for sexiest leading male, Johnny Depp was the sexiest actor over 40, and Keira Knightey came in second for sexiest rising female star


Teen Choice Awards
At this years Teen Choice Awards, Orlando won four awards- Best Misc. Male Hottie, Best Movie Liplock with Keira Knightly in POTC, Best Movie Chemistry with Keira Knightly in POTC, and Best Fight/Action Sequence for POTC-if anyone wasnt watching, but didnt attend the Teen Choice Awards


Special Eddition POTC

It has been rumoured that a 3-disc version of Pirates of the Caribbean, the curse of the black pearl is being release November 2nd, so watch the shelves at your local blockbuster!


Cameron Crow's Journal

The director of Elizabethtown, Cameron Crowe has an online journal open to the public to read, and Orlando is mentioned a few times in it, click on the link to read.


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