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POTC the third disc

POTC Special Edition

More information was found on the upcoming Special Edition Pirates Of The Caribbean 3rd disc

from Ultimatedisney.com

A few details have come in about November 2nd's re-release of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The 3-disc Gift Set will include the existing 2-disc Collector's Edition plus "The Lost Disc", a third disc featuring 8 never-before-seen bonus features running a total of 69 minutes. Carrying the same $29.99 Suggested Retail Price that the 2-disc set did, the new DVD sounds enticing to those few people who haven't already bought the film on DVD. The 3-disc Pirates gift set is up for pre-order at Amazon at just $20.99.

For a look at the art work, click on the link below



I cant wait to get it!


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