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More Orlando

Orlando Mentioned in Interview

An interview with singer Natasha Bedingfield where she mentioned Orlando.

"I'm not looking for perfection," she insists with a grin. "But I wouldn't say no to George Clooney or Orlando Bloom. "George is a real ladies' man and very mature, and I'd absolutely love to meet Orlando Bloom. He definitely does it for me."

Orlando in latest People & US magazines
 In the newest issues of People & US magazines, both dated September 13, 2004 on sale now, in the StarTracks section in People magazine, there is a big picture of Orlando smiling on his mini bike from the set of "Elizabethtown" in Pomona, California taken on August 25th & in US magazine, in the News Of The World page, there is a smaller picture, but it's a similar picture to the one in People magazine of Orlando on his mini bike.


2005 ROTK Planner at Borders
 the 2005 Return of the King planner is now available at Borders (
Singapore) & selling for $20.95.


Orlando in E's "Awful Truth"

Dear Ted:
I had to laugh when reading the retraction statement regarding Orlando Bloom: "Southern sources are electronically screaming at my chicken-fried ass that Mr. Bloom was 'very, very sweet' with the locals and not at all germ phobic."

Have you Googled Orlando lately? (Who doesn't want to Google Orlando?) There are hundreds of Internet sites and forums devoted to the man. Scores of women--yes, women, not just teenyboppers--all over the globe will come rushing to his defense should you besmirch his lovely name.
  Elizabeth Turner
Portland, Oregon

Dear Googling Gal:
Wait till you hear what I've got to say about Orlando's bathroom habits. Hell hath no fury like a fan base shaved.


Toronto Film Festival information website


**paparazzi pics**

the OK project




Video Download: E-town 'Meet the Crew' clip
 CameronCrowe.com has added a new behind the scenes clip of Orlando and Kirsten from
Elizabethtown, file is available for download at Elf Lady's site. Elf Lady  made some caps which you can see them here.


ROTK won 2 Hugo Awards
ROTK won the 'Best Dramatic Presentation in Long Form' and Gollum's Acceptance Speech at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards won the 'Best Dramatic Presentation in Short Form'.


Who will be Bond
Empire Online assess the super spies of the future. Click on the images of the candidates to see their respective pros and cons and odds.


  Orlando Bloom

  Pros: The girls love him, he's terribly posh and awfully good at action. If the     rumors about a Young James Bond are true, they're bound to want Bloom who is,let's face it, scorching at the moment. And the girls really love him.
  Cons: He's not at his best in hands-on combat unless he's wearing a long blondewig and pointy ears, and he's too young to do anything but an origins  story. Also, can anyone imagine
Orly with a gun? A bow, sure – a sword even, but a gun?
  Odds: 8/1


Orlando in MovieStar

click the link below to check out the scan

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